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9 best standing desks in Australia to buy

What is the best standing desk in Australia. Picture Shutterstock
What is the best standing desk in Australia. Picture Shutterstock

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In recent years, electric standing desks have become more popular in the office workplace and home environment and represent a worthy investment.

To accommodate for demand, more and more standing brands have arisen throughout Australia which has led to so many options to choose from. But how do you know which one suits your needs?

Daniel Parkinson from BestStandingDesks outlines which standing desks should be worthy of your consideration and why.

My top standing desk picks

These top Australian electric standing desks were carefully curated based on quality, price, comfort, and design aesthetics.

The list will help you pick and choose a modern and robust sit-standing desk for your home or office workspace.

  1. UpDown Pro Desk - Best overall standing desk in Australia
  2. Desky Dual Standing Desk - Outstanding cable management system
  3. Artiss Desk - Best standing desk for kids and low budgets
  4. Secretlab Magnus Pro - Best standing desk for gamers
  5. UpDown Pro Series Electric Corner Desk - Best sit-stand desk for corner spaces
  6. Kergo Smart Desk Pro - Best adjustable standing desks
  7. Northday Everdesk - Best small to medium-sized standing desk
  8. Omnidesk Pro - Best for its range of accessories
  9. Ikea Bekant - Cheapest standing desk

Best electric standing desks compared

To help you decide on which standing desk to buy in Australia, here's a comparison of my top four picks.

Top four standing desk comparison table. Picture supplied
Top four standing desk comparison table. Picture supplied

Best Australian Standing Desk: Why we picked them

Here's a review of the best standing desks in Australia. The assessment of each product has examined the desk height, load capacity, dimension, my final ratings, and most importantly, their prices.

1. UpDown Pro Desk - Overall best standing desk

Why I Picked It

The UpDown Pro standing desk is the #1 in Australia since it ticks off so many boxes that people look for such as quality, durability, customisation, and value for money. The Acacia, Rubberwood, Walnut, Pheasantwood, and Victorian Ash desktops offer a timeless level of sophistication that you can't get elsewhere and are built on the strongest and most stable frame in the market.

The feature-packed desk is backed by a 10-year warranty and can be delivered free of charge before you trial it for the first 100 days.

Final rating: 5 out of 5 stars.

It's all about high-quality craftsmanship at UpDown. Picture by UpDown
It's all about high-quality craftsmanship at UpDown. Picture by UpDown


The UpDown desk is also an Australian leader in the sustainability space with its recycled Messmate and Oregon desktops which are unique. To top it off, all of UpDown's desktops are constructed from local and environmentally responsible sources. If you appreciate the timeless look and feel of modern wooden furniture then one of the soft and hardwoods will surely capture you.

Although the frame is a solid 41kg and is heavier than most others, this is what gives the desk its durability and unrivalled stability. Even at its highest elevation of 127cm, the desk feels rock-solid and you confidently lean against it while working.

One of the other reasons why the UpDown Pro stands out from its competitors is due to the range of quality desktops that are available. Moving past the classic bamboo and melamine desktops, the Acacia, Rubberwood, Walnut, Pheasantwood, and Victorian Ash desktops are simply gorgeous.

In terms of features, the UpDown desk has left nothing to the imagination. Quiet dual electric motors, a quality digital control panel capable of saving 4 desk height presets, an anti-collision safety mechanism, and a 150kg load capacity all come as standard inclusions.

Take it from me, the Australian-owned and operated company has superior customer service and favourable conditions that give you a lot of confidence and peace of mind. With a 100-day trial, free shipping, and an industry-leading 10-year warranty on the frame and electrical components (5 years on the desktop), parting with your money to invest in a high-quality stand will be much easier.

If you are looking for a standing desk that will last the test of time then the construction quality of the UpDown Pro will do the job. For more details, you can read my UpDown Desk Pro review.


The UpDownPro is a premium standing desk that will cost you between $1,029 - $2,099 depending on the configuration and add-ons selected. This is fair value for money when compared to other options I've tested below.


  • 100-day trial with no-cost exchanges.
  • Rock solid stability and toughness.
  • A wide variety of locally sourced desktop hardwoods, including the unique Victorian Ash and reclaimed materials.
  • For gamers and home workers, there are many customisation choices and easy assembly.
  • 5 years for the desktop and 10 years for the frame.


  • UpDown desk can only be purchased online and cannot be tried out or seen beforehand.


  • Height Range - 61.5cm to 127cm
  • Load Capacity - 150kg
  • Dimensions - Lengths of 120cm, 150cm, 180cm, width 75cm
  • Price Range - $1,029 - $2,099
  • Desktop - Melamine (white, black), bamboo, hardwoods (Acacia, Rubberwood, Walnut, Pheasantwood, and Victorian Ash)
  • Warranty - 10 years (frame and electronics), 5 years (desktop)

Why I picked it

If you need a sit-stand desk large enough and practical enough to accommodate numerous computer hardware pieces, two or three monitors, and other electronic devices, the Desky Dual Standing Desk might be just what you need.

The Desky Dual, our editor's top pick for a stand-up desk, stands out for its numerous power options, voice activated controller, and cutting-edge cable management technology.

Final rating: 4.9 out of 5 stars.


Desky is a Brisbane-based business that is owned and run by Australians. Their main product, the Dual Standing Desk, excels in both quality and personalisation possibilities.

Before placing an order, you can test and view the Dual for yourself at Desky's Showroom or through their partner locations located in the main cities across the country.

When it comes to total customisation, the Desky sit-stand desk is the best option. With over 35+ desktop finishes to choose from; including a unique selection of hardwoods and resin desktops you won't find anywhere else, it boasts the largest selection of desktops in Australia.

Combine this with the option of three colours for the desk frame - your workspace can be greatly customised to fit any office. The frame is available in matte black, white, and grey.

This standing desk is all about sustainability. Desky uses bamboo and FSC certified timbers that are sourced from certified, sustainably managed forests.

Desky also takes the extra effort to ensure all their desktops surpass Australian standards and are VOC and formaldehyde free. All the desktops also feature threaded inserts, making assembly easier than others where you have to drill yourself.

This sit-stand desk is perfect for configurations including several computer monitors and other heavy-duty devices like laptops, speakers, and PCs due to its remarkable 140kg weight capability.

Desky is able to provide nearly the same load capacity as the UpDown Pro desk, with the added benefit of superior cable management.

Which brings us to the standout features of Desky's Dual series of desks - their best-in-class cable management system and bluetooth controller.

Desky's discreet cable management design is ideal if you like a minimalist arrangement with hidden power outlets and cords so you can clear up your workspace.

You have the option to select a desk that supports four, eight, or 10 powerpoints that are integrated directly into your cable management channel for easy access. Perfect for gamers, streamers and creatives with large numbers of peripherals.

Picture supplied, Desky
Picture supplied, Desky

Obsessed with the latest tech? Then the Desky's bluetooth controller is for you.

Designed in-house, the bluetooth controller has a range of features not found on other premium brands in Australia (or worldwide) including: A sedentary reminder function to encourage standing, Bluetooth app integration that allows you to access all the advanced features from your Apple or Android device.

Hands-free voice control, extended height memory presets through the app (4 via the controller), and an 18W USB-C fast charger right at your fingertips. Of course if you'd prefer direct input, all functions can also be accessed via the OLED display.


The Desky Dual series of standing workstations ranges in price from $775 to $1599, which puts them marginally less expensive than UpDown but still in the same price range as other luxury brands.

For what you receive, the Dual is well priced overall. Be sure to use their newsletter signup discount to get the best price.


  • Excellent cable management system
  • Largest range of desktops in Australia
  • All Desktops feature threaded inserts for easy assembly
  • Voice activated bluetooth controller
  • Dispatched the same day by 12 pm


  • Costs a bit more than other desks.
  • No free trial


  • Height Range - 60cm to 125cm
  • Load Capacity - 140kg
  • Price Range - $775 to $1599
  • Desktop - Melamine, Bamboo, Rubberwood, Softwood, Hardwood, Resin Hardwood
  • Warranty - 10 years

3. Artiss Desk - Best standing desk for kids and low budgets

Why I picked It

Artiss standing desks are highly suitable for kids, students, and Australians on a budget. With starting prices ranging between $573 to $804, they are a relatively inexpensive working-from-home solution. In short, they are one of the best standing desks in Australia due to their affordability and simplicity.

Final rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars.


The distinguishing feature behind the success of the Artiss standing desk is its value for money. The twin motors, powder-coated steel frame, wide feet for added support, 3-button digital controller, and a variety of contemporary particle board desktops are just a few of the features that contribute to its great build quality.

The particle board desktop is an incredibly good beginning point that lowers the cost even though its quality is not regarded as premium. For students, those on a tight budget, or as a superb entry-level workstation, the Artiss sit-stand desk is very reasonable at its starting price.

Credit: Artiss, Picture supplied
Credit: Artiss, Picture supplied

However, being a budget-standing desk does come with its downsides. First of all, desktops only come in particle board which isn't the best for long-term durability. This is highlighted by the relatively low load capacities that range between 70kg and 100kg, depending on the model you choose.

Moreover, there is no cable management tray to buy with your desk so you'll need to source this elsewhere and install it yourself.

Regardless of the model you choose, all Artiss standing desks come with a motorised height adjustable frame, scratch-resistant coatings, respectable desk motor speeds, and adjustable rubber footings for stability.


One of the more affordable solutions is the Artiss standing desk. The price of the electric workstations ranges from $570 to $800 depending on the choice made. Artiss is an excellent option to take into account if you're searching for a reasonably priced standing desk.

Check prices for Artiss desks on Amazon (delivered from Australia).


  • The assembly may be finished in 20 minutes thanks to the design's simplicity, elegance, and lightness.
  • It is small enough for small children's rooms with a maximum length of 1.4 metres.
  • Value for money is assured by its cheaper pricing and sound quality.


  • Only a one-year warranty on the desk.


  • Height Range - 69cm to 118cm
  • Load Capacity - 100kg
  • Dimensions - 1.4m (w) x 0.8m (d)
  • Price Range - Prices start at $570 and go up to $800
  • Desktop - Particle board (white, black, oak, walnut)
  • Warranty - 1 year

4. Secretlab Magnus Pro - Best electric standing desk for gamers

Why I picked It

The Secretlab MAGNUS Pro is one of the best-standing desks in Australia for professional gamers, makers, and creators. The top-of-the-line gaming station boasts a unique magnetic ecosystem that allows you to keep cables hidden and your electronic devices where you need them.

Final rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars.


Sporting all the standard essentials for a sit-stand desk such as a moderate load capacity of 120kg, an enviable desk height range of 65cm to 125cm, and 3 custom height presets, the Magnus Pro has everything you need to get started.

However, Secretlab has gone above and beyond to make the Magnus Pro the must-have sit-stand desk for gamers. Firstly, it has the world's first fully integrated power supply column where cables are housed within the leg and directed upwards to your power board.

Magnus Pro sit to stand metal desk. Picture supplied
Magnus Pro sit to stand metal desk. Picture supplied

Rather than being fitted to the underside of the desktop like other standing desks, the full-length cable management tray provides better accessibility since it opens upwards at the rear of the desk. In fact, the management tray also houses the Secretlab MAGRGB diffused lighting strip to really lift your gaming setup.

Another feature is the integrated digital control panel. Because the Magnus Pro desk's control panel is completely integrated into the edge of the desk, you and your ergonomic office chair may move around the workspace without worrying about hitting it.

Overall, Magnus Pro from Secretlab is the epitome of gaming setups. Aside from its sleek and modern aesthetics, the Pro is all about the efficient use of desk space in gaming environments where serious hardware and multiple electronic devices are in use all the time.


With a starting price of $1,059 for the standard dimensions of 150cm x 70cm, it does cost a bit more but the features and customisability make it well worth it. The larger size for the Pro XL will cost you $1,229. Simply put, the Magnus Pro Series is one of the best standing desks in Australia for gamers, social media influencers, and creators despite the higher price tag.


  • Stylish, bold, and modern design with an integrated control panel.
  • Decent weight capacity and dual motor configuration with a sturdy steel frame.
  • Comes with a single-cable power solution on a customisable desktop.
  • LED lights and desk accessories to complete a pro gaming station.


  • Expensive standing desk for non-gamers.
  • Two individuals are needed for assembly as it's quite heavy.
  • Add-ons are costly.


  • Height Range - 65cm to 125cm
  • Load Capacity - 120kg
  • Price Range - $1,059 for the standard dimensions and $1,229 for the Pro XL
  • Desktop - Signature black and grey
  • Warranty - 5 years

5. UpDown Pro Series Electric Corner Desk - Best sit-stand for corner spaces

Why I picked It

The UpDown Pro Series Electric Corner Desk takes poll position for the best corner standing desk you can invest in. Brimming with all the high-quality features you would expect from UpDown, the desk's ability to convert from an L-shape configuration to a linear one offers a level of versatility that is unparalleled in the Australian market.

Final rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars.


The UpDown Pro Series Electric Corner Desk is as opulent as a corner workstation can possibly be. The L-shaped standing desk, which comes in just one size of 195cm x 180cm x 75cm, is made with a steel frame and rectangular legs for durability and stability. With its sturdy design and high-quality tabletop, it can support an amazing 150kg of weight at the maximum that accommodates multiple monitors.

Updown L-shaped desk. Image by UpDown. Picture supplied
Updown L-shaped desk. Image by UpDown. Picture supplied

The smooth motors that produce very little noise and the anti-collision detection system add to the sit-stand corner desk's longevity. Using the digital controller, you may explore its broad vertical range of 64cm to 129cm and effortlessly save four height presets-a crucial feature if you use your standing desk frequently.

What I liked about this corner sit stand is the stylish and contemporary appearance that will be sure to effortlessly blend in any home or office setting. Similar to the UpDown desk (Pro Series) standard desk we've tried. Despite the absence of hardwoods, the melamine version is available in either basic white or beech. The stronger, lighter, and more durable bamboo desktop is available but be prepared to pay a little bit more for it.

A huge benefit of the UpDown corner sit-stand desk is that it can be customised with any of UpDown's standing desk attachments to expand its usefulness. Given that they can simply be mounted to the desktop and also house HDMI and power cables, the UpDown dual monitor arms are ideal if you intend to set up two displays.

Power grommets and rails, metal under desk drawers, and heavy-duty wheel castors are a few examples of the objects you can attach. Its movable frame and two-piece desktop are among the most novel features. The frame can be turned from an L-shape to a rectangle form by turning it anywhere between 90 and 180 degrees.

In short, one of the greatest standing corner desks you can buy is the UpDown Pro Series. The UpDown desk for corners should be taken into consideration if you're seeking a high-end, dependable, and smooth desk for a corner in your house or workplace.


The price of the UpDown corner standing desk is between $1,694 - $1,900 depending on the accessories selected. It's considerably more expensive than the regular UpDown desk, however, if you're limited to an L-shaped area, then the UpDown desk is the best option in the market in my opinion.


  • Free shipping, a risk-free 100-day trial, and a benevolent return policy.
  • Dual motors that are quiet and can lift up to 150 kg.
  • Digital controller with 4 height settings stored in memory.
  • A desktop's 2.5 cm thickness is more than that of its rivals.


  • More expensive compared to competitor corner standing desks.
  • There are no hardwood desktops available.
  • No child lock is present.


  • Height Range - 64cm - 129cm
  • Load Capacity - 150kg
  • Dimensions - 195cm x 180cm x 75cm
  • Price Range - $1,694 - $1,900
  • Desktop - Melamine (white, beech), bamboo desktop
  • Warranty - 10 years on the frame, 5 years on the desktop

6. Kergo Smart Desk Pro - Best adjustable sit-stand desk

Why I picked It

A fantastic standing desk with many functions and advantages is the Kergo Smart Desk Pro. As the name suggests, it has a wide range of intelligent height adjustments so you can find the perfect position for both sitting and standing. However, we found the Kergo Smart Desk Pro is slightly more expensive than some other standing workstations available on the Australian market, so it's vital to keep that in mind.

Final rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars.


One thing I noticed about the Kergo Desk Pro is the many subtle functions and advantages. For one, it has a robust design and two motors, the desk maintains a very high degree of stability even at the highest setting which means it's less likely to wobble at full height and load. A strong advantage of the Kergo Smart Desk Pro is its weight capability of 150kg making it a contender for influencers and gamers with lots of equipment.

I could tell it is constructed from premium components, such as a sturdy steel frame and a selection of desktop alternatives. But the touch panel is a weakness of the desk and seemed a bit flimsy which aligned with the feedback of another reviewer.

Kergo standing desk (source: Kergo website). Picture supplied
Kergo standing desk (source: Kergo website). Picture supplied

The desk comes in a number of colours and finishes and has a sleek and contemporary style. It's quite versatile which means you can place it in a variety of settings, including home offices, commercial offices, and even retail spaces. Moreover, it is simple to use and has a control panel that you can use to quickly change the desk's height so you can find the ideal setting for both sitting and standing.

There are a few drawbacks that need to be noted. Compared to several other standing workstations in Australia, the Kergo standing desk is a little more expensive. Additionally, even if the desk may be put together quickly, it can take some time (the website says under 10 minutes but it took me much longer), which might discourage some people from choosing an IKEA substitute. The instructions are clear and easy to follow, but it's important to take your time and be patient.


The Kergo Pro standing desk costs $919 and can be purchased from the website directly. Compared to other standing desks, it's quite well-priced and comes with a 10-year warranty.


  • Made using premium and long-lasting materials.
  • Due to its robust design and two motors, the desk maintains a very high degree of stability even at the highest setting.
  • Has a control panel that only requires one touch to change the desk's height.
  • Stylish and contemporary design that will enhance any workspace.


  • A little pricey compared to some other standing desks in Australia.
  • The desk's assembly can take a little while.
  • According to one reviewer, the desk's touch panel is a flaw.


  • Height Range - 60cm to 125cm
  • Load Capacity - 150kg
  • Dimensions - 1.2m (l) x 0.75m (w) to 1.8m (l) x 0.75m (w)
  • Price Range - $919
  • Desktop - High-quality MDF (multiple finishes), bamboo desktop
  • Warranty - 10 years

Why I picked it

Northday's Everdesk packs a punch for its size and price. Whilst it doesn't come in lengths more than 160cm, the Everdesk is one of the most customisable standing desks in Australia due to its innovative features that have a nice wood veneer-based finishes, which is coated with a surface polish and have a genuine wood feel. The desk is more expensive than melamine and slightly more fragile.

Final rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars.


The desk is quite adaptable and provides a selection of chic desk accessories that will accommodate a variety of workstation arrangements, which is a bonus. Additionally, I discovered that the EverDesk is smaller than many other stand-up desk manufacturers, making it perfect for little home offices. The smaller EverDesk alternatives, however, are narrower than most other stand-up desks, which decreases the amount of useful desktop space, especially if you wish to have two or more monitors.

Photo of the Everdesk (credit: Northday). Picture supplied
Photo of the Everdesk (credit: Northday). Picture supplied

On top of the below-desktop cable management tray that can be installed, the UniGroove cable organiser is an outstanding piece of innovation since it provides tidy connectivity for your smaller electronic devices. There is a Health Coach Controller but it's only able to save three height presets which is a downside since the UpDown Pro can save four. But it makes up for it by allowing you to create personalised sit-stand alerts to ensure you get the most benefits.

I found a lot of the customisation options come from the accessories that can be paired with them. The peg board and the additional storage fittings you can fit on it headline Northday's range of accessories. Combining this with the laptop stand, monitor arm, and modular shelving units, the layout of your Everdesk can be easily changed to suit your needs.

One of the advantages of the Everdesk is that it will come with all the holes drilled so all you need to do is assemble it. Unlike other standing desks, tools like a drill and screwdriver aren't needed as the Everdesk can be assembled in 30 minutes using the supplied Allen key. In short, the EverDesk is easy to assemble, with all holes pre-drilled for an easy and quick installation.

The desk offers a generous 21-day risk-free trial and a range of optional accessories. So, if your budget is around $900 then the Everdesk will be a top option. Although the desktop options are fairly limited with its Lily White, Raw Ashen Oak, and Aged Darkened Walnut, the Everdesk screams value for money. Moreover, there is a good range of stylish desk accessories, making it ideal for small home offices.


The Everdesk starts at $859 for the smaller-sized standing desk (120cm x 60cm) and will cost an additional $120 for the larger desktop. This makes it one of the cheaper standing desks in Australia that still has excellent quality finishes and rock solid stability.


  • Elegant dial-style controller with settings for a sit-stand alarm and a height range limit.
  • Phone and data wires are organised using the unique UniGroove cable management system.
  • Pre-drilled holes and the included Allen key make assembly simple.
  • For most people, a height range of 60cm to 124cm is ideal.
  • A 21-day return period with cost reimbursement in full.


  • A small selection of wood veneer-based finishing options.
  • The veneer finish is more pricey and slightly more delicate than melamine, but it has a genuine wood feel and is treated with a surface shine.
  • Offers no desktop alternatives made entirely of wood.


  • Height Range - 60cm to 124cm
  • Load Capacity - 120kg
  • Dimensions - 120cm (l) x 60cm (w), 140cm (l) x 60cm (w), 160cm (l) x 70cm (w)
  • Price Range - $859 to $1,100
  • Desktop - High compression fibre core (Lily White, Raw Ashen Oak, Aged Darkened Walnut)
  • Warranty - 10 years

8. Omnidesk Pro - Best for accessories

Why I picked It

Omnidesk is another standing desk brand that sits somewhere in between UpDown for its range of wooden desktops and Desky for its accessories. With a slightly lower price point (starting at $855), the quality of the Omnidesk Pro is more than adequate for the everyday Australian but not as good as the more premium UpDown Pro series desk.

Final rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars.


In terms of desktop choices, Omnidesk provides a lot of options. On top of the MDF desktops that I personally wouldn't bother with, there are six soft and hardwoods including the Richbrown Hevea, Natural Hevea, Acacia Light, Acacia Dark, Walnut, and the gorgeous Pheasantwood. Depending on which wood grain you choose, expect to pay an additional $20 for the Hevea and $400 for the Walnut.

The build quality of the Omnidesk Pro is very satisfactory and stacks up with the premium brands. The load capacity of 150kg, dual electric motors, anti-collision mechanism, and four-preset controller puts the Pro alongside the likes of the UpDown desk (Pro) and Desky Dual.

Photo of my Omnidesk Pro (acacia). Picture supplied
Photo of my Omnidesk Pro (acacia). Picture supplied

The Omnidesk Pro Wildwood desk is large and heavy, making installation challenging without assistance. The desk can be put together in a few hours, but the training material is subpar. The position of the digital controller is crucial because they will pre-drill the two screw holes for you before delivery. The metal cover that contains the motor control box and related connections is a very tight fit. Despite the dearth of quality instructional material, constructing the Omnidesk Pro Wildwood standing desk is generally not too difficult to finish.

Omnidesk sets itself apart in the Australian market due to its outrageous range of accessories that can be used to customise your Pro to your heart's content. From dual monitor arms, built-in cable management solutions, a suite of power outlets, drink holders, headphone hangers, microphone booms, and anti-fatigue mats, the Omnidesk Pro is the ideal setup for creative minds.

The Omnidesk Pro standing desk's customer evaluations and feedback, on the other hand, are more critical. According to 29 reviews on ProductReview, the desk has an overall rating of 3.0/5.0. We believe that this is about right based on our personal experience with the desk, despite the fact that the number of reviews is not really a good sample size from which to make conclusions.


The Omnidesk costs between $750 and $1,200. Even for the bigger sized desk that can support multiple monitors, it is a standing desk of the highest calibre and provides outstanding value for the money.


  • Outstanding selection of hardwoods that are both beautiful and natural.
  • Pioneer in the field of accessories for standing desks.
  • Leg colour, tabletop size, and curved or straight edges are just a few of the many customization choices for sit-stand desks.
  • Excellent mobile app for standing desk control.


  • None of Omnidesk's accessories are included with the purchase of a desk; they are all separate purchases.
  • Frequently out of stock are the more popular hardwood tabletops and accessories.


  • Height Range - 63 to 125cm
  • Load Capacity - 130kg
  • Dimensions - 1.22m (l) x 0.76m (w), 1.53m (l) x 0.76m (w), 1.83m (l) x 0.76m (w)
  • Price Range - $750 up to $1,200
  • Desktop - Melamine (white, black), wood (Richbrown Hevea, Natural Hevea, Acacia Light, Acacia Dark, Walnut, Pheasantwood)
  • Warranty - 7 years (10 years if you post your standing desk on social media)

9. IKEA Bekant - Cheap standing desk

Why I picked It

IKEA standing desks such as the Bekant are budget options that are ideal for first-time buyers, students, and teenagers who are on a budget. At the price of $669, the Bekant is an extremely affordable option but there are some sacrifices to the quality of the desk. On the plus side, it can be installed quickly and easily and is a reasonable size as a single workstation.

Final rating: 3.9 out of 5 stars.


Due to its reasonable price and accessibility for testing at IKEA stores, the IKEA Bekant sit-stand desk is a well-liked choice on the market. The Bekant sit-stand desk is an affordable alternative to more expensive standing workstations. The desk has a sizable work surface and an ingenious cord management system built underneath.

For the price, you are not getting the high-build quality or features that you will find in a medium to high-range stand-up desk. For example, its cylindrical legs are not as stable as rectangular legs, the desktop only comes in thin particleboard (white, black, white oak), there is no digital controller capable of saving height presets, and no anti-collision technology.

Picture supplied
Picture supplied


The Bekant from IKEA will cost you $669 which is very cheap for an electric standing desk. It doesn't come with the quality or features of other stand-up desks but it's economical as a starting point.


  • You can test out the desk in person at IKEA shops to feel its sturdiness and finish before making a purchase.
  • Like most IKEA products, it's quite simple to install and erect. This makes it a suitable choice for individuals and students who want a hassle-free setup with pre-drilled holes and without having to buy tools.
  • The Bekant has a large adjustment range of over 66cm, which means it can be adjusted to find the ideal sitting and standing heights.
  • IKEA has a comprehensive return policy that allows you to return the standing desk within a year if it does not live up to your expectations.


  • Due to the desk's structure and design, I found that it wobbles and twists even when used in a stationary position.
  • An overwhelming amount of complaints about the Bekant's electronics failing have been made, which raises more questions about its reliability.
  • The desk has a relatively low weight capacity of 68kg, making it unsuitable for those who have several monitors (can't even lean on it).


  • Height Range - 65cm to 125cm
  • Load Capacity - 100kg
  • Dimensions - 1.6m (l) x 0.8m (w)
  • Price - $669
  • Desktop - Particleboard (white, black, white oak)
  • Warranty - 10 years

Notable exclusions from this list

It's not possible to include all standing desk products in Australia within this curated list, so here are other popular options that I've tested and didn't make the cut. They are still worthwhile options to consider if you're looking for an alternative to my list, or perhaps, a standing desk converter could be worth considering (and cheaper).

  • VariDesk - One of the simplest standing workstations to construct, the Vari standing desk includes all necessary tools. One of the most durable desks - rather than the typical desk I use at work, which doesn't fit my tall body as well - is the end result. For tall individuals, it makes an excellent standing workstation, although it is only useful for 1 or 2 monitors which is a negative.
  • IKEA Trotten - The Trotten retails for $349 and is Ikea's cheapest option. The Ikea Trotten standing desk, however, is fairly simple and has no frills; you pay for what you get. It is not advised for multi-display workstations because of its low weight capacity of 50kg. It is also not an electric desk and is manually operated via the crank handle.
  • IKEA Idasen - The Idasen sit-stand desk is IKEA's mid-range electric standing desk that comes in four particleboard desktop finishes and a poor load capacity of 70kg. At $949, the price point is simply too much and you can a vastly better electric standing desk for the same price.
  • Office Works standing desks - Four entry-level manual and electric sit-stand desks are available from Officeworks, with prices ranging from $329 to $739. Despite being inexpensive (like the IKEA desks), they don't have as many accessories and customization choices as more expensive brands. They are best suited for people on a tight budget or who desire a straightforward desk.
  • XDesk Encore - One of the most exquisitely made standing workstations for Australians is the XDesk Encore. Each desk is iconic and one-of-a-kind in its finish and is handcrafted from materials that have been recycled and sourced ethically. However, even without putting in extras, which will quickly mount up, the Encore has a higher price point than other standing workstations in Australia.
  • Recess - Recess standing desks are another popular option. It has sharp design details that come in several colours. However, there is a limited range of options and features to choose from and a lack of customer reviews to make an informed decision on its quality.
  • Zen Space Desk - The Zen Space Pro offers plenty of strengths such as its quality bamboo or hardwood desktops. It's made with durable materials, has an impressive warranty, and has great financing plans. However, the Zen Space desk is not the cheapest option available in the Australian market and other standing desks offer better value for money.

Should you buy a sit-stand desk?

Also referred to as a sit-to-stand desk or a sit-stand desk, a standing desk is a type of workstation that enables you to work while standing up. You can alternate between sitting and standing at an adjustable desk during the day because their desktops can be elevated to different heights. You can take some of the weight off your feet while still standing by using some of the best standing desks in conjunction with a stool or a leaning chair.

Ultimately, there are more benefits to using a sit-stand desk than negative risks. They can be an effective tool for enhancing your health and productivity at work when used properly but are not a substitute for regular exercise and movement throughout the day.

What types of standing desks can you buy?

The Australian market produces and important all types of standing desks. All of them have certain benefits and drawbacks.

  • Electric sit-stand desks: These desks have one or two electric motors that allow them to rise and fall. They require plugging in and may have pre-programmed memory positions for the height of the desktop. Since they require electricity, positioning near a power point is essential and their components mean that are typically heavier to move around.
  • Manual sit-stand desks: A manually adjustable desk is adjusted using manual levers. Due to the absence of electric motors, these kinds of height-adjustable tables are typically cheaper than electric versions.
  • Sit-stand desk converters: Small, manual, or electrically adjustable standing desk converters are installed on top of a standard desk to create a hybrid adjustable desk. A sit-stand desk converter has some benefits over an electric standing desk in terms of being lighter and therefore more mobile, and pre-assembly but suffers from much lower load capacities.

What to look for when choosing a standing desk

There are ample stand-up desks in Australia to choose from. Here are the main aspects to look for based on my experience.

Desktop materials

The most popular desktop materials for an adjustable standing desk include hardwood, bamboo, and melamine. Bamboo and melamine offer modern appearances that are affordable. The most expensive, heaviest, and most long-lasting desktops are made of hardwood. They can support the highest loads and the largest cable management trays such as those found on Zen Space Desks.

Number of motors

Simply put, an electric standing desk with one motor is reminiscent of a below-average build quality. Although a single-motor standing desk will be cheaper, dual-motor systems are better at lifting the desktop more smoothly and efficiently and are capable of entertaining higher weights up to 150kg. The motors are housed in the desk legs where the controller is typically held within the desk frame and underneath the desktop. Dual motor system desks won't take up significant electricity either.

Digital controllers

The best adjustable standing desks come with digital panels where you can use the up and down buttons to control their height. However, look for an electric standing desk that enables you to save several heights as memory presets. Once you program a specified height, you can later press the button and the desk will automatically elevate to that height, making it easier to switch between sitting and standing positions.

Desk accessories

Depending on your needs, deciding on what standing desk accessories you need will take some planning. Most sit-stand desk manufacturers are not likely to provide you with all the items you may need so making separate purchases elsewhere may be required.

Choosing the right stand-up desk accessory is crucial for achieving better ergonomics, enhancing productivity, and improving your life of life in general. An ergonomic chair, monitor arms, and a cable management tray are often considered the essentials to have.

Adjustment speed

The rate of adjustment varies from workstation to desk and the lift is better on a dual-motor lifting system. A stand-up desk may normally be raised or lowered in a few seconds. Dual-motor standing desks have the potential to reduce this wait time where a common speed is in the vicinity of 40mm per second. But single users have low priority whereas office workers with adjustable electric desks face high priority.

Noise levels

The fact sheet for a sit-stand desk will include noise levels for electric adjustments that are measured in dB. For individuals working from home, especially those with children, the sound a desk makes may be crucial. Better user experience is accompanied by lower noise, however, this may also mean slower adjustment speeds because motors are capped at slower speeds to limit noise levels.

Load capacity

A sit-stand desk's load capacity is an aspect you should seriously consider as this refers to the maximum weight your desk frame can support. The maximum load changes during regular use which is why you should consider obtaining the highest possible weight capacity you can buy.

A 130kg to 150kg maximum load capacity is generally considered best-in-class for the best-standing desks. It guarantees that a multi-display system won't put the electric motors under unneeded strain and that the weight on the desk won't cause the desktop to bend.


A new sit-stand desk may be more expensive than your typical sitting desk, which means deciding your budget should include all of the workstation's accessories. For students or people on a budget, a budget of $500 will get you a functional but featureless sit-stand desk where the desktop is likely made from particle board.

Add a few hundred dollars and the quality of the desktop improves (e.g., melamine) and features such as digital controllers are added. However, the best standing desks in Australia start upwards of $900. As soon as you start looking at hardwood materials, then the cost increases more. But if your standing desk is destined for your home office then you may be able to claim it on tax as a deduction.

Here's why you should buy a stand-up desk

Making the switch to a sit-stand desk has a lot of advantages. Personally, I made the switch because of back pain or bad posture from spending so much time sitting down.

Your posture will improve

Whilst height-adjustable desks help to promote a good posture which reduces negative side effects like neck and back pain, it is important to keep in mind that the benefits can only be obtained if you use them properly and regularly.

Standing for extended periods of time can cause fatigue and muscle soreness, so it is important to make sure that your desktop is elevated to the right point which promotes good standing posture and maximises comfort levels. Instead of standing for sustained periods while working or gaming, it is important to take frequent breaks and move around. Importantly, the best standing desks in Australia encourage you to think about your posture and act on it.

Increased productivity

During the workday, alternating between sitting and standing can help to avoid stagnation. Some people may consequently enjoy increased productivity and even creativity. Although this advantage is mentioned in some recent research, it is unclear if adjustable standing desks genuinely boost productivity in the long term.

Collaboration and communication

The best standing desks enable you to work upright and this helps to reduce communication barriers within an open office environment. Collaboration improves with improved communication, which is why more Australian organisations and workplaces are investing in sit-stand desks (or standing desk converters) to improve their business cultures.

Burn more calories (a bit)

Studies have shown that using a stand-up desk burns more calories than a fixed-height desk, however, the gains are minimal. However, some research found that standing burns up to 50 per cent more calories than sitting, adjustable standing desks aren't replacements for regular exercise. Moreover, another pro of a standing desk is you can get an under-desk walking pad to burn extra calories. Check out our list of the best under-desk treadmills in Australia.

Reduced risk of musculoskeletal issues

Long durations of sitting can cause musculoskeletal issues including tight hips, a stretched neck, and lower back pain. By promoting more movement and variation in a position where the muscles are engaged and gradually get stronger to support you, standing desks can help with these problems.

But there are some downsides...

Despite the advantages, there are some drawbacks of manual and electric standing desks that you should be aware of.

Reduced social interaction

Using a standing desk may limit your ability to easily connect with others if you work in an office where the majority of your co-workers are seated. When every employee has the option to stand, the true benefit is obtained, and this is known to improve collaboration and communication.

Appropriate footwear

It's crucial to wear supportive shoes at your electric standing desk that are comfortable for long periods of time because wearing the wrong shoes might make standing more uncomfortable. Otherwise, think about supporting your feet and legs using an anti-fatigue mat.

It's a sizeable cost investment

Standing desks are a significant expenditure that will come out of your budget where even the cheapest brands will cost you upwards of $300. Standing desks from Ikea (such as the Bekant sit-stand desk) are commonly touted as entry-level desks but are inferior in their build quality and durability. As with all things, the better quality desks in Australia from reputable brands will cost more where starting prices of over $900 are reflective of the premium brands.

If the cost of one of the best standing desks is daunting, then you can consider a sit-stand desk converter as an alternative. Although not drastically cheaper, they can be positioned on a normal desk to provide you with a working platform that can be raised.

It will take some getting used to

Switching from a standard fixed-height desk to an adjustable standing desk will take some time to get used to but there are things you can do to make the transition period easier.

By gradually increasing the amount of time you spend standing, you may ease into the new set-up and successfully adapt to this new working style. Setting a routine can help you stay on track and some standing desks in Australia have a sit-stand alarm to assist. Self-awareness of excellent posture is also crucial in determining where improvements may need to be made.

Is an electric or manual standing desk better?

Consider the height adjustment method before buying a new sit-stand desk. Standing desks in Australia can be manually operated where the desk frame elevation is altered using a crank handle. These are typically cheaper but obviously, come with the downside of lacking easy and automatic height adjustments.

On the other hand, an electric desk is easier and more comfortable to use. Depending on the quality of the stand-up desk, it may come with a handy digital controller that can be used to save different height settings.

Final verdict

That's a wrap on my picks for the best standing desks in Australia. Here are the top finalists:

  1. UpDown Pro Desk - Best overall standing desk in Australia
  2. Artiss Desk - Best standing desk for kids and low budgets
  3. Secretlab Magnus Pro - Best standing desk for creators and gamers
  4. UpDown Cornerdesk - Best corner sit-stand desk

As you know, we simply aren't evolved to sit idle all day, let's face it. Working from home is already commonplace, so you need a suitable workstation arrangement that promotes productivity while protecting your health.

One way to do this is by upgrading your existing desk to a standing table. So hopefully this comparison of the premium standing desks that can be bought and delivered to Australia will help you decide on which to buy for the home or office space.

Frequently asked questions

  1. What is the best standing desk to buy in Australia? The best standing desk for you will depend on your needs and tastes. However, after doing a lot of research, we discovered that the UpDown Pro Desk, and Secretlab Magnus Pro are excellent choices to consider. They are sturdy, height-adjustable, and manufactured of high-quality materials and can be delivered Australia-wide.
  2. What is the cheapest standing desk in Australia? The Artiss Desk standing desk, which ranges in price from $570 to $800, is a reliable option for Australians on a tight budget to think about. There are also low-cost standing desks from Office Works and IKEA that can be considered but you pay for what you get.
  3. Which IKEA sit-stand desk is best? The Idasen desk is the best standing desk from IKEA. It is a high-end standing desk with a solid build, numerous height adjustments, and a stylish design. Although the Bekant Desk from IKEA is more reasonably priced, we found it not as well-made as the Idasen desk. Additionally, it features a limited range of height adjustments and a reduced weight capability.
  4. Are Standing Desks Worth It? Numerous health advantages of standing workstations include a decreased risk of diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. Additionally, standing desks can help with posture and lower back problems. Standing desks, however, can be pricey, and some people might find it difficult to use one for extended periods of time.

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