Don't shy from a lively blazer

Jeremy Loadman   The 'statement blazer' is set to have major impact on men's outer wear as the weather warms up.

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From tool watch to dress circle

Andrew McUtchen   Once utilitarian ‘tool’ and sports watches are now dressy fashion accessories.


Help, I'm obsessed with CrossFit

Gary Nunn   Controversial and in-your-face, it’s also hugely rewarding and highly addictive.


The man tan goes mainstream

Nedahl Stelio   A fixture of the gay community, fake bronze is the new shade of straight male vanity.



Assertive or aggressive?

Sylvia Pennington   Being forthright in the office is one thing, but there's a line that shouldn't be crossed.



A saloon that's almost a supercar

Tony Davis   Audi’s new S8 can be brutally fast or beautifully civilised - it's up to your right foot.


What should a man know by 30?

Patrick Smith   Prince Harry turned 30 this week. What should men his age have worked out along the way?



Why working from home is not working

Stephen Lacey   Doing business at the kitchen table in your trackies can mean you’re missing out at the office.

Top Drop

Of whisky and chocolate

Greg Clarke   Can two very different taste experiences combine for an even better one?


The oddballs that became cool

Luc Wiesman   Some of the uncoolest cars have gone on to find fame as fully-fledged cult classics.


Smart Sipping

Who decides what you drink?

Luke McCarthy   Taste is totally subjective, so is anyone ever really right or wrong about any given tipple?


Performance Matters

Why getting fit makes you smarter

Andrew May   Little-known fact: regular exercise is like a wonder drug for your brain performance.


High Flyer

The best seats for suits on NZ routes

David Flynn   Business travellers crossing 'The Ditch' to benefit as the pointy end of flights gets sharper.


The Long Run

The sport that welcomes every body type

Pip Coates   A bit overweight? Daggy dresser? Chronically unfit? Running welcomes anyone into its broad church.