Good morning, new Vietnam

Roy Masters Thirty years after the war, many former Vietcong are opening their homes to Western visitors. Roy Masters reports.


Bruce Elder Alexandra is a charming town on the banks of the Clutha River. It came into existence in the 1860s when tens of thousands of miners and prospectors poured into the area searching for gold.


The big boom as doom looms


Tim Shipman, Washington Global warming has led to a boom in doomsday tourism - the urge to see the world before its endangered parts disappear forever.

Barrington Tops

A love nest revisited

Steve Meacham Steve Meacham, with children in tow, goes back to the Barrington Tops.

Adrenaline rush

Swinger's club

Amy Cooper Bungy jumping is for wimps. Amy Cooper tries out the latest thrill ride and finds it's addictive.

The Philippines

Manhattan meets the Far East


Richard Jinman experiences the stark contrast of Manila, full of malls and towers, and peaceful Bohol island.


Luxury resort hits the high note

Pangkor Laut grew sensitively within the environment to become a world-class resort and spa.

Guests are pampered on an operatic scale at this exclusive island hideaway, writes Carol West.


Junior moments

Wendy Preston Camps give children a holiday that's all their own, Wendy Preston writes.


In the wake of Britney


Andy Phillips gets the celebrity goss on a visit to an A-list private island.

Road less travelled

One day in wonderland

Bruce Elder Beauty, solitude, excellent cake ... Bruce Elder takes the ultimate tour.


Perfectly posh peace


After some misgivings, Peter Lynch turns into a Chiva-Som believer.

Plain sailing, it ain't


Kevin Airs Adventure cruising is the only way to access some of Australia's remote wonders. Kevin Airs gets on board.


Thais that unwind


From industrial chic to barefoot charm, Sheriden Rhodes surveys Thailand's hippest new resorts.

Blue Mountains

Emirates brings six-star luxury to Australia


A pocket of Blue Mountains wilderness is being transformed, writes Adam Hollingworth.

Great white fever

Terry Smyth Get your heart pumping with a face-to-face encounter straight off the set of Jaws, Terry Smyth writes.

Road less travelled

Picnic with crocodiles

Louise Southerden Louise Southerden finds the wit and wisdom of the Wik people brings the Cape York Peninsula alive.


Date to remember


The hunt for the most romantic holiday destination in Australia ends on Hamilton Island, writes Bill Watt.

Hidden Icon

The real sea change

Valerie Taylor Valerie Taylor is famous for making underwater documentaries with her husband, Ron, including 1984's The Wreck Of The Yongala.

On the road

Head for the hills

Paul Edwards Northern Victoria is a high point for Paul Edwards.