Convicted killer allegedly stabbed inmate in face at Canberra jail

Convicted killer allegedly stabbed inmate in face at Canberra jail

A convicted killer allegedly stabbed an inmate in the face during a jailhouse brawl at the Alexander Maconochie Centre late last year.

The murderer allegedly used a shiv to stab a 29-year-old in the face, body, and legs after the pair got into a fight in the remand unit on November 21.

The 29-year-old was hospitalised as a result of the alleged incident, but returned to the jail the following day.

Footage of the alleged attack has been handed to the police, and the killer - who has a history of violence while behind bars - will be prosecuted for the attack.

ACT Policing confirmed a 33-year-old male detainee had been summonsed to appear before the ACT Magistrates Court in February on a charge of intentionally inflicting grievous bodily harm.


"As the investigation remains ongoing, it would not be appropriate to comment further," a police spokesperson said.

Jail authorities were kept busy with a series of incidents in the back end of 2017, including multiple overdoses and incidents of violence.

Four inmates overdosed in the lead-up to Christmas, with two hospitalised.

It is understood one man - another convicted murderer – was in a coma when admitted to Canberra Hospital. He has since returned to the jail.

In December, five inmates – including axe murderer Marcus Rappel - faced court accused of bashing two brothers in their cells in August.

A Justice and Community Safety Directorate spokesperson said staff quickly responded to the November stabbing.

"In accordance with operational policies, ACT Corrective Services notified ACT Policing of the incident and provided Closed Circuit Television footage to assist with investigations," the JACS spokesperson said.

"ACT Corrective Services also conducted a review of the incident and referred the matter to its Violence Reduction Team for further consideration and assessment."

JACS said the number of assaults in the AMC could be attributed to a growing population.

The directorate said sufficient resources were available to manage the situation, and no changes had been made to normal procedures as a result of the stabbing.

JACS said ACT Corrective Services had increased its workforce from 199 correctional officers in 2015-16 to 213 in the past financial to cope with the population growth.

"ACT Corrective Services has an appropriate number of correctional officers rostered to ensure the good order of the facilities and respond to daily population pressures."

"Within correctional facilities there is the inherent potential for conflict amongst some detainees [as] there are often pre-existing relationships between individuals who are incarcerated at the AMC.

"These issues are not unique to the ACT; however, as the ACT is a one-prison system, association issues, separation and the dynamic between certain detainees is something that is carefully managed by ACT Corrective Services staff, with the interest of detainee and staff safety paramount."

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