Hamlet the new Braddon home for Brodburger and Spit Shack food vans

Hamlet the new Braddon home for Brodburger and Spit Shack food vans

The food trucks are coming to Lonsdale Street , along with a community of designers and a free gallery in a converted garage called The Hamlet.

Among the trucks is the bright red Brodburger caravan, now known as BrodDogs and serving up gourmet hot dogs, which moved from Belconnen into its new home in Braddon early on Friday morning.

The Spit Shack, which sells European-style rolls filled with roast beef and Croatian sausages known as cevapi, will also open a food truck on the property.

The trucks will be up and running in late November or early December.

Developer Nik Bulum, who owns the property, said The Hamlet would be a home for up-and-coming designers and makers similar to the Lonsdale Street Traders and he was in the process of selecting more food trucks for the outdoor area, where there will be communal seating and greenery.


"We're just handpicking them to make sure they don't overlap. These [the Spit Shack and BrodDogs] are the first two," he said.

"The inside will be similar to what the traders is but there'll be more makers, and designers, there won't be manufactured goods imported in, it'll all be made in Canberra. And inside there'll be a few foodies as well."

Mr Bulum said most of the designers at Lonsdale Street Traders would be moving across the street to the new Ori apartment and retail building set to open at the end of the year.

"But the ones that make, like Fivefold, they make their own jewellery they're coming across here and industrial designers and fashion designers like Wildwood," he said.

"Especially this area we wanted to keep it independent like these guys and so no chain stores, all makers, Canberra locals and there'll be a free gallery in there as well."

Mr Bulum said The Hamlet would run for about three years before the building was redeveloped and he was open to applications from creative Canberrans who had interesting ideas and designs.

Prospective Hamlet occupants can contact Mr Bulum through the Lonsdale Street Traders Facebook page.

BrodDogs co-owner Joelle Bou-Jouade said she and husband Sascha Brodbeck were excited to move the caravan from its former home in the Belconnen Westfield carpark to the inner north.

"We knew that Nik had an idea about this space and he's just amazing with all the concepts and things that he comes up with and we wanted to be a part of it," she said.

"We've been talking about it for a couple of months now and everything worked out so we just decided to do it."

Chris Spelic opened the Spit Shack at Pialligo in September and is expanding the operation to Braddon. His food truck will be decked out in wood like a country shack and will serve a simple menu of four different European-style roast meats on fresh bread with local produce.

"We've been working on the concept for 18 months and it's part of the Aussie street food revolution. It's just taking off," he said.

Natasha Rudra is an online editor at The Australian Financial Review based in London. She was previously life and entertainment editor at The Canberra Times.

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